Nui Super Quick Chunky Beanie

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In search of a quick, fun knit? Look no further! This is a free download of my fun quick knit, the Nui Beanie.

“Nui” in Hawaiian means great or large, and this describes the chunkiness of this knit!

Nui Super Quick Chunky Beanie is a stylish, slightly slouchy basic knit beanie knit in the round for a project that is completed quickly! This is the perfect last minute gift knit!

The pattern recommends using a knitting scale so you have the perfect amount of yarn left for the decreases. This eliminates leftover yarn and ensures you win the game of yarn chicken! :)

This pattern was tested using Pineapple Yarn Nui Bulky Single yarn. Other bulky yarns may be used, however, they have not been tested with this pattern.

Materials needed:
-One skein of Pineapple Yarn Nui Bulky Single yarn, or other similar chunky/bulky weight yarns
-Sizes 11 and 13 circular needles (loose knitters should use size 10 and 11 needles)
-Kitchen or knitting scale (optional but recommended)