Spiced Rum Polwarth Two Ply

This was a requested dye from a customer, and I couldn't help but save one for myself! The dye split, creating green sections, which ended up being a beautiful, unintended result. This two ply, barber pole effect is my absolute favorite look for handspun, and I was very happy with this spin!

I somehow lost the tag I created for this! So this is from memory...

Spin details:

approx 100g, 3.5 oz


Pineapple Yarn, Polwarth combed top, randomly dyed, "Spiced Rum"

Divided fiber into half. One half is split into four strips, the other half is split into eight strips.

12:1 continuous back draft with smoothing, one full treadle per draft, four drafts, one take up

16:1 ply, six treadles, one take up



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  • Thank you for the kind words! I will definitely keep tutorials in mind in the future. I feel like such a beginner still :)

    Marina ~ Pineapple Yarn on
  • Hello Marina,
    I have been enjoying your spinning segments and am wanting to get better at spinning myself. Would you ever consider creating tutorials for spinning? I have zero knowledge on ratios and whorls. I think your projects are all beautiful especially the barberpole ones.

    Adriana on

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