Ponyo Long Draw

This was a surprise gift I received in my mailbox from a sweet customer in December 2019. I wanted to spin this and preserve the beautiful turquoise, light blue, and coral shades in the combed top. After doing some reading, I settled on long draw from the fold, in order to keep the colors separate and to practice long draw. I broke off "staple" length pieces and spun from the fold, off the tip of my finger. The colors did remain separate, so I will definitely use this technique again. As expected, I need more practice with long draw to improve uniformity. I may need to go to a lower ratio on plying, but I'll wait to knit a sample first before I decide.


Finished 1/1/2021

Fiber: "Ponyo", merino combed top by Paradise Fibers

7.2 oz, 204g, ~560 yds

16:1 ratio, long draw from the fold, off the tip, high take up

16:1 two ply, six treadles, two take up


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