Sparkle and Joy Two Ply

This was a fun spin that I couldn't resist! I dyed this up as part of the New Year's collection for 2021, Sparkle and Joy. It is a very sparkley fiber, and would be amazing blended with other fibers, but I spun it as-is. I definitely did not want to overspin or overply this, because the high stellina content would become ropy/uncomfortable, I imagine anyway. I possibly could have reduced the ratio speed on these, but my feet keep treadling slower and slower, so I need the ratios to keep up! I imagine this as a gorgeous knit beanie someday.


Finished 1/3/2021

Fiber: Sparkle and Joy, 70% merino, 30% gold stellina, by Pineapple Yarn

Prep: Split fiber into two for a barber pole effect. Randomly dyed.

4.1 oz, 116g, ~178 yards

8.5:1 continuous back draft with light smoothing, one draft per complete treadle (left/right foot), four drafts then one take up.

16:1 two ply, five treadles then one take up.



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