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VITAMIN SEA 2020 Advent Calendar Woven Stole

This wasn't technically finished in 2021, but I thought I'd add it anyway :) I had written down project notes, but alas, some little hands carried off my notes, so I have very few details on this!

I wove this on my 32" Kromski Harp Loom, using an Ashford 12.5 dpi heddle/reed.

The warp is all 24 colors of the 2020 Pineapple Yarn Advent Calendar, VITAMIN SEA. They are a fingering weight, superwash merino and nylon yarn. The weft is an undyed superwash merino/nylon fingering weight yarn. The combination of these two created a pastel neon effect, and since the Advent Calendar was dyed in a gradient, it is a beautiful transition of colors widthwise.

I finished the ends by hemstitching and twisted fringe.

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