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Forager Handspun Sweater

My two goals for this sweater were to 1. Hand knit a sweater completely from my handspun, and 2. Create a cozy, sweatshirt-like knit. I accomplished these two goals with this project, and couldn't be happier! 
The forager pattern by Isabell Kraemer is wonderfully written, and it has a beautiful fit in the shoulders. Since it is a top-down sweater, I was able to try it on as I knit, which is the construction method I prefer for myself.
I knit the smallest size, used the same needle sizes as specified in the pattern, and omitted the cable details to allow the handspun yarn shine. 
The fiber is from four months of Hedgehog Fibres monthly fiber clubs. Two of these months were more tweedy than the others. I spun each club fiber into singles, then began to ply each tweedy fiber to a smoother fiber. 


Hedgehog Fibres Clubs from January, February, April, July 2020

Split in half, each half stripped in four lengthwise (eight strips total)

8.5:1 ratio, continuous back draft with smoothing, 4-5 drafts then take up

Ply on 12:1 whorl

486g, 1 lb 1.14 oz, 1164 yds (prewash)


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