VITAMIN SEA 2020 Advent Calendar Woven Stole

This wasn't technically finished in 2021, but I thought I'd add it anyway :) I had written down project notes, but alas, some little hands carried off my notes, so I have very few details on this!

I wove this on my 32" Kromski Harp Loom, using an Ashford 12.5 dpi heddle/reed.

The warp is all 24 colors of the 2020 Pineapple Yarn Advent Calendar, VITAMIN SEA. They are a fingering weight, superwash merino and nylon yarn. The weft is an undyed superwash merino/nylon fingering weight yarn. The combination of these two created a pastel neon effect, and since the Advent Calendar was dyed in a gradient, it is a beautiful transition of colors widthwise.

I finished the ends by hemstitching and twisted fringe.

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Spiced Rum Polwarth Two Ply

This was a requested dye from a customer, and I couldn't help but save one for myself! The dye split, creating green sections, which ended up being a beautiful, unintended result. This two ply, barber pole effect is my absolute favorite look for handspun, and I was very happy with this spin!

I somehow lost the tag I created for this! So this is from memory...

Spin details:

approx 100g, 3.5 oz


Pineapple Yarn, Polwarth combed top, randomly dyed, "Spiced Rum"

Divided fiber into half. One half is split into four strips, the other half is split into eight strips.

12:1 continuous back draft with smoothing, one full treadle per draft, four drafts, one take up

16:1 ply, six treadles, one take up


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Summer Fun Flamingo Combo Spin

I loved my sweater spin so much, that I decided to do another combo ply project! These are two fibers from my stash that are SO beautiful, it was hard to let them go :) I enjoyed each of these types of wool so much, that I hope to spin with them again in the future. 

Spin details:

7.8 oz, 200g, ~519 yards

Dandelions and Daisies Fiber Arts, BFL combed top, "Summer Fun"

Created by Elsie B, Falkland combed top, "Flamingo"

Split each fiber into four lengthwise

12:1 continuous back draft with smoothing, one full treadle per draft, four drafts, one take up

16:1 ply, six treadles, one take up

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Forager Handspun Sweater

My two goals for this sweater were to 1. Hand knit a sweater completely from my handspun, and 2. Create a cozy, sweatshirt-like knit. I accomplished these two goals with this project, and couldn't be happier! 
The forager pattern by Isabell Kraemer is wonderfully written, and it has a beautiful fit in the shoulders. Since it is a top-down sweater, I was able to try it on as I knit, which is the construction method I prefer for myself.
I knit the smallest size, used the same needle sizes as specified in the pattern, and omitted the cable details to allow the handspun yarn shine. 
The fiber is from four months of Hedgehog Fibres monthly fiber clubs. Two of these months were more tweedy than the others. I spun each club fiber into singles, then began to ply each tweedy fiber to a smoother fiber. 


Hedgehog Fibres Clubs from January, February, April, July 2020

Split in half, each half stripped in four lengthwise (eight strips total)

8.5:1 ratio, continuous back draft with smoothing, 4-5 drafts then take up

Ply on 12:1 whorl

486g, 1 lb 1.14 oz, 1164 yds (prewash)


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Sparkle and Joy Two Ply

This was a fun spin that I couldn't resist! I dyed this up as part of the New Year's collection for 2021, Sparkle and Joy. It is a very sparkley fiber, and would be amazing blended with other fibers, but I spun it as-is. I definitely did not want to overspin or overply this, because the high stellina content would become ropy/uncomfortable, I imagine anyway. I possibly could have reduced the ratio speed on these, but my feet keep treadling slower and slower, so I need the ratios to keep up! I imagine this as a gorgeous knit beanie someday.


Finished 1/3/2021

Fiber: Sparkle and Joy, 70% merino, 30% gold stellina, by Pineapple Yarn

Prep: Split fiber into two for a barber pole effect. Randomly dyed.

4.1 oz, 116g, ~178 yards

8.5:1 continuous back draft with light smoothing, one draft per complete treadle (left/right foot), four drafts then one take up.

16:1 two ply, five treadles then one take up.


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